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April 2012

About a year and a half ago, I sat down with a notebook and pencil and began to sketch out an idea for a book. I wanted to try something different by creating three strong female characters who would take turns narrating their stories. It was a creative challenge, since my first two books were told from the first-person point of view.

A few weeks later, my dining room table was covered with color-coded index cards – each main character got her own color, and every index card represented a different scene – and the outline of my novel was clicking into place. I loved the idea of having three very different women come together unexpectedly to share an apartment in New York City, and form a close friendship.

cover these girls175px April 2012Tomorrow, my third novel will be published, and I’ll get to watch as Cate, Renee and Abby – the lead characters in my new novel These Girls – venture out into the world. So far, I’m thrilled to say, their reception has been a good one: Ladies Home Journal magazine calls it “chick lit with grit” and These Girls has made it onto Elle magazine’s must-do list. Rights have also sold in Australia, China, and Poland.

What I’m most pleased about, however, is that some early readers have said These Girls has given them a new appreciation for their own female friendships. I love the idea that we can have “chosen sisters” in our lives – women who are our sisters in every way but biological ones – and I’m blessed to have a few such women in my life, too.

Here’s a short video trailer for These Girls that I hope you’ll enjoy. I came up with the concept while thinking about those great outtakes from the movie “When Harry Met Sally,” in which couples talk about how they met. I thought it would be fun to interview real-life friends about their relationships, and model a video on those clips from one of my favorite movies. What I never expected was that I’d have to pause during the interviews because some of these women brought me to tears with their incredible stories of friendship!

0 April 2012

I hope you enjoy reading These Girls, which will be on shelves at bookstores nationwide tomorrow as well as available for order on-line. If you do plan to purchase a copy, I’d be so grateful if you’d consider doing so this week, as early sales are critical to a book’s success. And as always, please drop me a note at anytime. Many thanks, and happy reading!



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